Sharing My Weekly BIT (Basic Income Thoughts)

Once you learn about Universal Basic Income, you can’t help but see the possibilities and potential for a better world with UBI. Or at least I can’t.

While more people than ever before are hearing about UBI, and tech giants like Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson and Elon Musk are voicing their public support for the idea, the rationale they often give is usually around macro trends like automation and the future of work. That’s great for those who look to these industry leaders for 30,000 foot views of the future, but what about those who are just trying to make ends meet for today? How can the concept of UBI be understood within the events going on today, and how can UBI help people in the here and now?

My personal goal is to make Basic Income accessible and understandable to everyone, and right now I see that in connecting UBI and its potential impact with the news and events from our daily lives. I’ll be publishing a weekly entry sharing my thoughts on how an implemented policy of UBI could very directly impact the news stories of today.

Before UBI can become a reality in our society, we must share our vision of what our world would look like with UBI. My goal is to help you visualize that world, every week.