Advocating for a Universal Basic Income in the USA

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Three upcoming movies will explain UBI through storytelling.

Be As You Are revisits the small town of Dauphin in Manitoba, Canada, 40 years after its historic first large scale demonstration of UBI. Residents explain how their lives were impacted, and re-examines the nearly forgotten yet incredible findings from the experiment.

Bootstraps tells the stories of a diverse group of Americans receiving a basic income for two years, capturing how a guaranteed and unconditional floor of financial security affects their lives. It will be released as a documentary series in early 2020 to coincide with the Presidential primaries.

Inherent Good takes the discussion of UBI into America's Heartland. Comedian Trae Crowder (The "Liberal Redneck") goes home to Celina, TN (population 800) and introduces UBI to his friends and neighbors. Local residents share their stories of struggle and perseverance, and the discussion culminates in an open Town Hall debate at Celina's historic courthouse.


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In the US, there are several groups focusing on spreading awareness and advocacy for UBI, including the USBIG NetworkUniversal Income Project and the Economic Security Project.

In Canada there’s a number of movements to support, like Humans of Basic Income and CEO’s For Basic Income, while an international network to check out is the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN).

You can also join local Basic Income Meetup groups (including ones in Los Angeles, San FranciscoSeattle and NYC) or start your own!


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