My Weekly BIT, week of Oct 13 2017

Hi everyone,

This week, I wanted to highlight some recent media about Basic Income, including my very first podcast interview, on “In All Seriousness”!

Here are the highlights:


In All Seriousness, Oct 2017 (Podcast #3)

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My very first podcast interview! I teamed up with Scott Santens (well-known UBI writer and advocate) to talk with Peter Joseph, creator of the movement and the film “The Zeitgeist”. It’s a long interview, so while I hope you’ll listen to the whole podcast, here are some highlights of my comments:

2:50 (What does UBI represent to me)
9:30 (Realizing the basic dignity of all with UBI)
15:30 (“Technological advances causing unemployment” as a strong reason for UBI)
22:45 (How to fund UBI)
37:55 (Expanding the view of what “work” is)
49:15 (Who doesn’t benefit from implementing UBI)
1:02:20 (What policies do we need after UBI)

Before The Bridge: A Short Documentary on Automation


A short 17 minute, beautifully shot video that shows the impact of automation from Silicon Valley to Middle America, and brings up UBI as a potential solution.

The Basic Income Podcast: The Next Wave of UBI Projects

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I definitely recommend checking out and subscribing to The Basic Income Podcast. They interview many of the biggest voices in the UBI community, and features discussions on all aspects of the UBI debate. Their newest episode features Natalie Foster and Cara Rose Defabio from the Economic Security Project, sharing some of the latest projects that are helping advance the conversation about UBI


It’s been really exciting to have more opportunities to share my thoughts as part of the larger UBI discussion! For this week, since I got to share many of my thoughts on UBI during the podcast interview, I’d recommend checking that out.


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