Advocating for a Universal Basic Income in the USA



Universal (& Unconditional)

All individuals in the country would receive it, without means-testing or any other stipulations or conditions.


Enough to cover one's basic needs. The amount would be enough to provide a basic standard of living, often measured as being at or above the definition of the "poverty line".


Provided regularly. The income would be provided in regular intervals, helping form a "floor" of income.




Despite the fact that the United States has more prosperity and wealth than at any other time in history, significant events like automation and globalization are causing rapid and intensifying changes to our economy. This is creating economic anxiety, insecurity, and poverty for far too many.

In this rapidly changing environment, how can we ensure that everyone is guaranteed basic economic security? The goal of Universal Basic Income is to create an income floor above the poverty line to cover one's basic needs, guaranteed regularly and unconditionally. By investing in UBI, we will all have the right to basic economic security, dignity and opportunity.

It's time to Build the Floor.




The Right to Be Okay: Basic Economic Security

Every individual deserves the right to a firm foundational floor on which they can build a purpose-driven life. No matter the inevitable ups and downs, the successes and challenges of life, no one deserves to go hungry or suffer from the effects of absolute poverty.

The Right to Say No: Basic Economic Dignity

Every individual deserves the right to say "No" to work that's undignified, undesirable, or unnecessary. People should be truly free to negotiate for themselves the value of their time and effort, while letting the free market identify and automate undesirable jobs.

The Right to Say Yes: Basic Economic Opportunity

Everyone deserves the right to say "Yes" to work they find meaningful and purposeful, whether it's paid or unpaid. Whether it's working for a business or creating a startup, caring for family members, pursuing an interest or passion, or any combination of these, every person should have the basic opportunity to go after their dreams and unlock their full potential.


“A Life Economy” Podcast

On the inaugural episode of the podcast “A Life Economy” I speak with host Cosmo Scharf about how UBI helps build the kind of world we want to live in.

A Life Economy Episode 1 (ITunes or listen on desktop)

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I spoke on the Dan Nowman Show about the need for UBI in order to better adapt to our transitioning economy.

Speaking at Andrew Yang’s Presidential Campaign Rally in Los Angeles

I had the privilege to speak and share my support for Andrew Yang at his presidential campaign rally in Los Angeles, as he advocates for a Universal Basic Income in the form of his “Freedom Dividend”.


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